Meditation Beyond Mindfulness

Meditation Beyond Mindfulness®: An Online Meditation Program with Instructor Christopher Gibney

Deepen Your Meditation Practice & Meditate Consistently in 30 Days

With Meditation Beyond Mindfulness® Created By Meditation Practicioner of 40+ Years Christopher Gibney


Do you want to unlock the incredible benefits of regular meditation but struggle with consistency?

Have you tried all the 'apps' and guided meditations out there but still not getting the results you want?

Did you meditate more regularly before, but have fallen off in your practice?

...then I designed this program for YOU.

Hi, I'm Christopher Gibney

I get it! Meditating every single day is NOT easy. 

But if I can do it, really, so can you. I started meditating over 40 years ago. And I have not missed a day since.

Two things kept me going:

A profound need for real peace in my life. 

And meditation techniques that kept bringing results; my life has never stopped improving for the better. 

It’s all about results. You keep doing what works for you. 

And you keep doing what you love. 

For over 30 years I have helped people get their own direct experiences of their spiritual depths. Take this 30 day journey with me, and find out for yourself. 

You will naturally learn to love meditation, and will naturally keep doing it. 

In this Meditation Beyond Mindfulness program, I distill from vast yogic science a few simple, but powerful practices proven to bring the deepest results.

I don’t claim to be a guru or even a spiritual teacher. I am just a student who is in for the long-haul. 

And this is exactly why I can help. Whatever outer difficulties or inner resistance you face, I’ve been there and done that. 

I know what it takes to keep at it.

And I know how it can transform your life when you do. 

This program guides you through the rough stuff we all encounter, and helps you go deeper and deeper, day after day. 

So let’s get started. Let’s meditate together every day for 30 days, so you can experience the hidden treasure that resides within all of us. 

I give you the tools and the support. 

Your own experiences will give you the motivation to keep going. 

Why Choose Meditation Beyond Mindfulness®?

At The End of 30 Days You Will...

  • Develop a consistent, daily meditation practice
  • Go deeper into meditation than ever before
  • Go way beyond MINDFULNESS and into CONSCIOUSNESS
  • Reap the profound life-changing benefits of regular meditation
  • Have the tools and motivation you need to continue your practice
  • Be uplifted by the power of group effort and the support of our meditating community
  • Receive guidance and practices for living a spiritually centered life

So what's the deal with mindfulness anyway...

Meditation Beyond Mindfulness® is not about teaching you mindfulness. 

You have probably heard about mindfulness or have practiced it yourself, and may be wondering how Meditation Beyond Mindfulness® practices are different. 

While mindfulness is an important technique, it's just one facet of a much larger whole. Mindfulness helps you stay wakefully present by focusing your mind on the now. 

And that's totally necessary!

Mindfulness is an essential start. But virtually all my clients practicing mindfulness techniques inevitably come to want more and ask me: "Ok, what's next?"

That's where Meditation Beyond Mindfulness® practices come in. They free your consciousness from the waking mind and take you deep within.

Meditation begins where mindfulness ends.

This is why my whole program is about Meditation Beyond Mindfulness. 

I want you to go deep. 

To meet your true self. 

To discover new ways of being and new dimensions of consciousness. 

Keep practicing mindfulness when you are not meditating. It supports your meditations. Then to go beyond, to go really deep, consistent, scientific, daily meditation is the key. 

That's where the changes really start to happen.

That's what the Meditation Beyond Mindfulness® Program does: it helps you create that practice of consistency and depth in just 30 days! 

It's one of those things that's easy to say "I'll do it someday" and then it never happens.

The time is now.  

I'm not asking you to meditate every day for a year. Just commit to 30 days and see how your life changes. 

What is the Meditation Beyond Mindfulness® Program?

Meditation Beyond Mindfulness® makes a challenging process simple and rewarding so that anyone can develop a consistent, deep meditation practice.

Enroll Today And Receive...

  • Guided Meditations With Chris Every Day For 30 Days
  • Lifetime access to all recordings and meditations
  • Daily email reminders to help you stay inspired & consistent
  • Meditation tips & exercises each week
  • Guidance on the day to day challenges & living a spiritually centered life
  • Access to our private facebook group: get support on your journey

PLUS Special Bonuses Below!

Now is the time to finally make the commitment to yourself and your meditation practice!

Testimonials For Christopher Gibney and Meditation Beyond Mindfulness®

"I started using Meditation Beyond Mindulness because I was having trouble staying consistent with my meditation practice. Chris's method really works, and by using his course I was able to build a meditation practice that I actually do every day. Thanks Chris!"


"Chris, I can't thank you enough. Your meditations are amazing. I listen to them all the time, and they calm me down when nothing else can. Since starting with Meditation Beyond Mindfulness, I have noticed a real improvement in my day-to-day state of mind. I would recommend this to everyone!"


"Thank you Chris for the wonderful guided meditations. I got into a really deep state of relaxation. These are wonderful!"

  Carol L. 

"Hi Chris, Thank you for organizing this group meditation. I've been listening to the meditations the last several nights, and they've been extremely helpful. Well done on the videos, and meditations, Chris!!! Thank you again!"

 Mary M. 

"I loved the meditation! It was perfect... I got to a really great place of relaxation and I was really enveloped in the white light. The repeating back of the mantra in my head was very helpful. What a wonderful way to all start our day. Thank you thank you. Thank you again!"

 C. L.  

"First of all thank you for organizing an online group meditation. I've never joined a webinar before so it was a relief to me to be able to join it so effortlessly. The affirmation was simple and easy to repeat. Your guided meditations overall have been very helpful to me. I'm looking forward to the next group meditation. Thanks again, Chris!"

M. M. 

"Loved it!!!!! Thanks so much for making sure I got on that group meditation"

 Devon M.

"Thank you so very much for this gift. Blessings to you." 

Gayle W. 

"Love, love, love your work. I’m gaining so much! Namaste."

 Julie S. 

"Thank you so very much for providing these beautiful and meaningful meditations. It was so special. Thank you for being so willing to share your spiritual treasures with us. Namaste!"

 Pat B. 

"Thank you. You have helped so many, including me, strengthen our meditation." 

Rose H. 

"I was just thrilled to run across your beautiful and meaningful meditations. I have been working on meditation for some time, and I am still only a novice at this, but you really gave me some great pointers, and I think your meditations are the BEST!"

 P. B. 

The 30-day Meditation Beyond Mindfulness Program is now open for EARLY-BIRD Enrollment:

Register today and receive:

  • The full Meditation Beyond Mindfulness Program 
  • A guided video or audio meditation from Christopher every day
  • A daily email with a reminder to meditate along with an inspirational message
  • Guidance on living a spiritually centered life
  • Lifetime access to all recordings and meditations
  • Exercises every week to help you implement the Meditation Beyond Mindfulness® practices
  • A community group of your fellow meditators providing support and accountability

PLUS Special Bonuses For The First 50 People to Register Right Now:

  • The First 50 people to register get a free copy of Christopher's book "KNOW: You Are More Than You Think" ($15 value FREE)

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are you affiliated with any religion? 

Meditation transends all religions and belief systems. The Meditation Beyond Mindfulness® program is not affiliated with any particular religion or sect. Everyone is welcome. The only requirement is that you have a desire to meditate more regularly.

What kind of results can I expect?

I have been helping people get consistent with their meditation practice for years, and all of my students report being able to mediate more consistently. However, results ultimately depend on your own committment to the process. You will get out as much as you put in. If you continue these practices, you will see results. It's that simple!

Why did you create this program?

I developed this program for one very simple reason: to help more people meditate so they can enjoy for themselves the benefits I have experienced. In my private practice it has been enormously rewarding to watch my clients progress and reap the amazing benefits of regular meditation. But I can only help so many people 1:1. I want everyone to have access to these invaluable resources and to share pointers from 40 years of getting my own results.

Do I need any prior experience?

Nope! I designed this program so that even a complete beginner can do it. If you have some experience meditating, or already meditate regularly, you will also benefit by deepening your meditations and acquiring more tools for living a spiritually centered life.

Why are you qualified to teach this program?

Let's get one thing straight: I am not a Guru nor do I claim to be "enlightened". I am a student, just like you; a work in progress. For over 40 years I have tried my best to apply the teachings of the masters consistently in my own life. 

Along the way I have gone through the struggles everyone faces on the spiritual path. So I have some valuable pointers for how fellow students can keep it simple, keep at it, and keep getting results. I do not try to teach anything I do not know from my own direct experience. My goal is for you to have your own deep direct experiences. 


$99 $79

  • Meditate Consistently
  • Deepen your Spiritual Practice
  • Get Tools To Live a Spiritually-Centered Life

The First 50 people to register get a free copy of Christopher's book "KNOW: You Are More Than You Think" ($15 value FREE)


"Now is the time to commit to your meditation practice for just 30 days. I'll be with you every step of the way. See you inside!"

-Christoper Gibney